Wrap & Go Cloth Bag
Wrap & Go Cloth Bag
Wrap & Go Cloth Bag
Wrap & Go Cloth Bag
Wrap & Go Cloth Bag

Wrap & Go Cloth Bag

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Being neat and tidy is not just a matter of putting things back in their places. Organizing stuff and keeping things clean not only makes our space more livable, but more comfortable. But when we’re already so busy or rushing, how are we going to organize it nice and neatly?

In fact, organize stuff is much more simpler than we might think with Wrap and Go Cloth Bag


🎒Wrap and go

Our Wrap & Go Cloth Bag helps to organize items in seconds by just wrapping up the items! It saves up a lot of time and keeps our items stay tidy and neatly. This cloth able to carry gadgets, store cosmetics and anything else.

🎒Strong and secure

Wrap & Go Cloth Bag has strong holding function which able to hold and carry heavy items without any difficulty. It has a great protection that able to protect and secure the items inside. It's also moisture-proof and dust-proof to ensure the items in good condition.


Our incredible cloth is transformable which can change into a bag to carry any items and able to wrap items of any size

🎒Soft and fine

The material and texture of our Wrap & Go Cloth Bag is soft and fine. It can gently wipe off the dirt on the surface of camera lens or any other screen of smartphone and laptop without leaving any damaging to it. 

🎒Washable and durable

This cloth can be washed with water without affecting the function of this cloth. It's also durable and last long.


🎒Material: Polyester

🎒Size: Small, Medium, Large

🎒Color: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red

🎒Measurements: 28x28cm, 35x35cm, 47x47cm

🎒Weight: 36g, 56g, 105g


Package Included:

🎒1 x Wrap & Go Cloth Bag

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