Ultimate Travel Cable Set
Ultimate Travel Cable Set
Ultimate Travel Cable Set
Ultimate Travel Cable Set
Ultimate Travel Cable Set

Ultimate Travel Cable Set

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Technology is a part of our everyday lives, so it’s no wonder there are wires and cables everywhere, even the wireless items still have chargers! Our electrical cables can become a tangled and knotty mess.

We’ve discovered an easy cable management solution that solve this problem! 

Ultimate Travel Cable Set is everyone needs nowadays.


⚡Equipped with Apple, Android, and Type-C charging head:

Our Ultimate Travel Cable Set is designed to charge Apple, Android, and Type-C devices at the same time. 

⚡Charge three devices simultaneously:

This cable set can charge three devices simultaneously with same charging speed without affecting another devices. 

⚡Fast charging capabilities:

The thickened cores allow our cable set to charge devices quickly and stable. Thus, it will saving a lot of time.

⚡Tape measure style retractable cables:

The stylish tape measure design makes this cable set more attractive. The retractable cables are easy to pull out without getting stuck and can be keep tidy and neatly after finish using.

⚡Stretchable up to 100cm:

Our cables are stretchable and adjustable. It can be stretch manually and smoothly up to 100cm.

⚡Portable and Durable:

 The simple and small design make this cable set portable and convenient for using. It's also durable and safe to use.


  • ⚡Materials: ABS+Aluminum alloy+TPE
  • Length: 100cm
  • ⚡Net Weight: 60g
  • ⚡Current: 2.1A
  • ⚡Voltage: 5V
  • ⚡Color: Black, White, Pink, Green
  • ⚡Suitable for: Andriod, Apple, Type-C

Package Included:

  • ⚡1 x Ultimate Travel Cable Set

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