SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch
SleepRelief™ Steam Patch

SleepRelief™ Steam Patch

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Divert your vision to a cozy steam🛀bath.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is an alarming health concern that can develop into conjunctivitis over time, it is due to lack of hydration which comes from overworking or being in front of a computer screen for too long.

Ignoring so may cause irritating cephalgia and blurry vision.


Besides, dark circles may also form, along with the appearance of aging and wrinkles. Ultimately, these symptoms will cause low self-esteem and stress.

Struggling from these hassle? Fear not, our SleepRelief™ Steam Patch is most effective when it comes to treating and relieving mentioned symptoms with it’s warm and relaxing steam.

SteamRelief™ Steam Patch comes with multiple types of scents, further enhancing and improving eye wellness.


🏖 Therapeutic Effects

A key ingredient that consists within SleepRelief™ Steam Patch's layer is an enzyme known as Superoxide Dismutases (SODs), which is important in fighting against oxidative stress in the skin.

Also acts as a good therapeutic agent against reactive oxygen species-mediated diseases.

🏖 Intensive Moisturization

We tend to lose skin moisture as we start to age, which may dry out the eyes.

Fortunately, SleepRelief™ Steam Patch contains a natural substance known as hyaluronic acid which is safe to apply on the skin.

The substance helps prevent collagen from breaking down, that is why it is ideal for anti-aging, treating dark circles and wrinkles.

🏖 Safe Steam Temperature

The gentle steam from SleepRelief™ Steam Patch warms to a comfortable temperature of 40ºC to 43ºC.

Offering warmth and enables better blood circulation. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the tissues, and provides relaxation for the stiff muscles in and around the skin.

🏖 Convenient Strap Design

Whether lying down or sitting up, the straps attached to SleepRelief™ Steam Patch are designed specifically to conform to the contour area.

It provides maximum coverage for a soothing experience while also preventing itself from slipping or sliding off.

🏖 Long-Lasting Steam

Utilizing a unique self-warming technology from Japan, SleepRelief™ Steam Patch warms up immediately upon opening the pouch.

The gentle steam can last anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes.

Hence, besides using before bedtime, it is also perfect for use during travel or a quick break at the office.

🏖 Skin-friendly and Non-allergic

SleepRelief™ Steam Patch is made of microfiber cloth that helps to trap and hold dirt, bacteria and dust. 

Efficiently removing harmful particles from gathering on the skin and separating them away from your skin.

🏖 Natural & Non-irritating Scents

While the self-heating mask does its job, SleepRelief™ Steam Patch also diffuses essential oils that provides delicate and delightful scents, these include:

  • Chamomile - helps prevent breakouts and lighten the skin.
  • Jasmine - increase elasticity and balance moisture in the skin.
  • Lavender - helps promote calmness and wellness.

How to use:

  1. Tear along perforated line.
  2. Place ear straps around ears.
  3. Gently place the mask on the eyes.


  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • 1x SleepRelief™ Steam Patch (5pcs)

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