Reverse Leather Repair Gel
Reverse Leather Repair Gel
Reverse Leather Repair Gel
Reverse Leather Repair Gel
Reverse Leather Repair Gel
Reverse Leather Repair Gel

Reverse Leather Repair Gel

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Nobody does it better đŸ”„đŸ˜ Leather Repair Gel 

Leather and vinyl items deserve a foolproof and lifetime solution for all the years of service. Our Reverse Leather Repair Gel is a miraculous agent that contains ingredients meant to bring out your leather items’ shine and elegance. Use our leather repair gel to rescue your vinyl and leather items from their worn-out condition.


🌈Restore And Fix

Taking care of leather is challenging, especially when for vulnerable items placed in areas prone to wear. Our Reverse Leather Repair Gel brings back your leather items’ color, sheen, softness, and brand-new shape. 

🌈Suitable For All 

Our Reverse Leather Repair Gel contains premium and carefully studied components, which are all very friendly for any leather surface. It helps your leather items maintain their natural oils to soften and restore their original color and shape. It can be used at motorcycle and car seats, saddles, baseball gloves, boots, and more leather products.  

🌈Durable Protect

Create a new protector to protect your leather item while restoring, extend the lifetime of the leather product.

🌈Smooth & Glossy 

Our Reverse Leather Repair Gel brings your leather product back to life!  Bringing out their natural shine and luster.

🌈Easy And Quick Application

Get professional results without spending too much effort and time by using our Reverse Leather Repair Gel. Enjoy effortless to fix and mend the tattered, scratched, peeled, and damaged on leather items. 

🌈Safe material

High-quality material will not damage the leather and safe to use. 


How to use: 

1. Apply repair gel on the surface of leather, flat the gel evenly

2. Use dryer or wait until the surface dry 

3. Polish the surface and color it depending on your needs

 (*Recommend White for the light color item and Black suitable for item that is in dark color.)


Color: Black / White

Net Weight: 20g

Package Including:

1 x Reverse Leather Repair Gel


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