Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag
Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag

Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag

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Makeup is a challenge when it comes to organizing as we're dealing with so many objects of different shapes and sizes that all need to be contained. It will be more annoying if there is a lot cosmetics mixed together and in messy condition.

Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when we can actually find what we need, right? But the limited storage of usual cosmetic bag makes it harder and time wasting as we need to dig and find for the cosmetic.

It's time to say goodbye to messy makeup storage and no more concern about lack of space!

Our Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag is an ultimate portable storage solution for makeup lovers.


🎀Pack many items at once

Our Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag able to pack many items at once with just a pull in seconds! The large capacity and ample storage allow us to pack all the cosmetics as we need, so that we don't need to worry about to leave some of the cosmetics at home. It's also secure with the drawstring and loop fastener that prevent the items in this bag from getting out easily.

🎀Pack up in seconds

This ultimate storage bag can pack all items in just seconds quickly and effortlessly. There is no need to put all items one by one to ensure enough space for storage. It is convenient and simple to use. 

🎀Items can be laid out and found easily

Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag able to let us see all items at once and find it easily. All we have to do is just need to open the loop fastener and drawstring, we can see all the items at a glance and quickly get the cosmetics as we need. 

🎀No more digging & finding

Our Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag helps to search for the cosmetics with no difficulty. There is no more digging and finding with the help of this amazing bag. Thus, it is able to save up a lot of time when we're rushing.

🎀Waterproof and lightweight material

The high quality material is waterproof which can protect items inside from permeation by water and easy to clean. It's lightweight and portable which is suitable to carry out for outdoor activities.

How to use:

  1. Unfold the bag.
  2. Place items on the inner surface of bag.
  3. Fold the bag by pulling the drawstring.
  4. Stick up loop fastener.


🎀Material: High quality polyester

🎀Color: Blue Flamingo, Pink White Stripes, Pink Unicorns, Green Flamingo, Navy Feathers, Beige Lipsticks


🎀Unfold measurement: 56 x 56cm

🎀Fold measurement: 18 x 25.5cm

🎀Open Method: Drawstring open 

Package Included:

🎀1 x Pull-n-Pack Cosmetics Bag

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