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PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights
PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights

PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights

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These are not any ordinary tights!

They may look just like any generic tights, but they are packed with many innovative features. What separates these tights with the others?


💦Stain-Proof & Water-Proof

It's not overdramatic to say that spilling a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine on your outfit has the power to legitimately ruin your day.

These special tights are treated with a proprietary stain-resistant wash, allow them to repel liquid, keep dry and stay clean all day long.

With their water-repelling capabilities, these tight can be cleaned easily with a few simple wipes. They also feature quick dry, lightweight, and breathable materials that are always comfortable, no matter indoors or outdoors. 

🌬Stretchy, Breathable, & Comfortable

The materials are made with high quality fabric, designed to be extremely comfortable, breathable, and soft.

The Thermal version comes with an additional layer of high quality fleece lining for us women to stay warm in cold weather / environment.

The tights are designed with premium polyester and cotton mechanical stretchy fabric that are able to resist vigorous tearing and pulling.

🙆🏻‍♀️Highly Supportive

These stretchy tights are sturdy and flexible which are highly supportive and fit greatly even for plus-size ladies.

It features an expandable waist and comfortable fit to any body shape or cutting, in order to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

💪🏻Super Tough & Indestructible

These tights are super tough which perfectly support long-wearing without any slipping and running. They are capable of withstanding damages and tearing, thus saving you from the need of constantly getting new tights.

💃🏻Compression & Shaping

This pair of tights are designed to have all the tummy controlfreedom of movement, and targeted compression that every lady needs to feel fabulous.

🔥Thermal Technology

They also come in thermal-lined version. Lined with the warmest quality of fleece fabric that is capable of withstanding cold, while staying thin enough so that they work with almost any outfit.

Cold weather can no longer stop us from wearing that gorgeous skirt or dress anymore.

🧼Machine Washable

Even though they are water-repellent, they can be machine washed under a delicate cycle.


  • Colors: Available in Black and Beige
  • Material: Polyester and Cotton blend, Available in Non-Thermal and Thermal (with inner layer of plush fabric) options.
  • Sizes: Available in Small and Large (for 100kg/220lbs and above)
Why only 2 sizes? Our tights are designed and built with highly stretchable, wear-and-tear resistant, "one-size-fit-all" yet comfortable range of fitting in mind. However if you find yourself to be in-between sizes or at the upper end of a size range, you should always opt for the bigger size.

    Package Included:

    1x PerfectFit™ Stain-Proof Hosiery Tights

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