Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch
Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch
Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch
Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch
Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch

Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch

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Detoxifying & Relieving Foot Patch 🌿

Our feet though are just like the rest of our body and need to be taken care of. One of the best ways we can revitalize our bodies is through detoxifying. Toxins in the body do a number of harmful things to us over time and lead to fatigue, poor circulation, headaches, pain, poor immune health, constipation, depression.

The Meditox Detoxifying Foot Patch are single-use foot patches that you apply before sleeping to start an all important whole body detoxifying process. Extract impurities and heavy metals and eliminate foot odor while also increasing your energy for the morning and relieve muscle tension.


Aids Stress Release

The natural ingredients can help aid in your stress release and deepen your sleep by promoting positive REM cycle sleep. You can wear it during your sleep and it will do the job.

Cleanses Your Body

Active ingredients that are found in the Meditox Foot Patch are known for their ability to remove accumulating antigens from your body, it also greatly improves your bodily & mental health!

Natural Ingredients

Meditox combines tried-and-true Asian medicinal techniques with a sleek and modern approach - attach the herbal-remedy based patches to your feet and wait a few hours for the antigens removal. It has never been that easy!

Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation

The patches promotes healthy blood flow, bowel movement and boosts your metabolic health, which helps you to maintain healthy weight as well.

Relieves Muscle Tension

The foot patch helps relieve muscle tension and support the immune system keeping you healthy and energized. With soothing repair while you sleep, you will be comfortable and relaxed.

    How To Use:

    1. Clean the skin of the feet before use (recommended for use at night).
    2. Open the package and take out the foot patch, tear off the anti-adhesive paper, stick the patch on the sole of the foot and press firmly.
    3. Use each pad for 6-8 hours. Gently peel off after use. Wipe the sole with a paper towel or a hot towel after.
    4. After use, the color of the patch should be stopped when it is lighter or it can be used 1-2 times a week according to individual circumstances.


    1. If the skin is uncomfortable during use, stop using it. Keep product away from young children and babies.
    2. Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

    Package Include:

    • 1x Meditoxâ„¢ Detoxifying Foot Patch

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