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3D Teeth Brightening Strips!  Remove Coffee, Tea & Smoking Stains in 1 Hour to Get Brighter Teeth in 4 Weeks! 

By Honest Crate | 13th June 2019

Is having a good set of teeth important for a person? Well, of course it is! Having bad teeth will directly affect people's impression on you.

Imagine when you open your mouth, full of yellow teeth and bad breath, you might just scare people away from you! Not to mention how awkward the situation would be for them.

In this era, a person's appearance and the public's first impression are important key roles in interpersonal and business communication.

A good smile can penetrate a person's heart. But first, you need to have good teeth. 

Despite how good looking you are, having yellow teeth while smiling ruins half of your overall image.

However, several food and drinks can cause your teeth to turn yellow, especially coffee and tea. Smoking can also be a main cause for teeth stain, since it can accumulate day-by-day.

Thus, you can not deny that having clean and white teeth can let you become more attractive. 

Having a scheduled cleaning and whitening session with your dentist at the clinic or hospital? Stop it! It's a very bad cycle, the more you go to the dentist, to more fragile your teeth will be.

Also, teeth-cleaning is unable to remove the inner color in your teeth. The other ways such as laser teeth whitening bears a high fee which is not that affordable. 

There are certain types of toothpaste and mouthwash products that can solve this problem. However, the results might take a long time to manifest.

This Teeth Whitening Strips, too, can solve this problem and you can see the result right after you remove the strip!

3D White Gel Teeth Whitening Miracle Strips

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One Dental Strip A Day, Keeps the Yellow Stains Away

This Dental Strip has a strong and high volume whitening molecules that can help clean the surface of the teeth to remove stains, tartar, and other dirty elements.

This mask prevents any stains and colors attach on your teeth. It protects your teeth, inside-out!

It is able to whiten the inner part of your teeth, which then reflects the outer part as whiter and brighter.

Worry no more! This strip is Enamel Safe and suitable for sensitive teeth!

Most dental strips on the market contains bleaching components, such as hydrogen peroxide, which can stimulate the nerves and blood vessels of the gums, causing sore teeth, pain, sensitivity, inflammation, and even damage to the enamel structure. 

3D Teeth Whitening Strip does not contain any of the irritating ingredients above, it can even be used on sensitive teeth with confidence. This product has been approved by the FDA. 

This product is ultra thin, light and easy to stick to your teeth. It will not cause discomfort or excessive saliva like other brands in the market. 

How to Use:

  1. Tear open the foil pouch, remove the strip with dry hands and peel away the liner.
  2. Looking at a mirror, apply the sticky gel side of the strip on the upper and lower teeth
  3. Remove the stripes and wash the gel off after 30 minutes. 

Things to Take Note:

  • Rinse your mouth before and after use. Do not use the mask immediately after brushing your teeth. 
  •  Do not eat, smoke or sleep when using the mask. You can use it when taking a bath. 
  •  The best using time is 30 minutes. For those having sensitive teeth, you can reduce the using time for this strip.
  •  Do not use upside down due to the different shape of the upper and lower teeth.

What other people said about this product:

Compared to other teeth whitening treatment on the market which can easily cost you at least $2000, the price of this product is not even 1/30th of that price! 

One box of 3D Teeth Whitening Strip contains 14 sets, which consists of upper and lower sides, for a total of 28 strips. It can last for 2 weeks with one usage per day. Buy two boxes of 3D Teeth Whitening Strip and use it for 4 weeks to get the maximum visible results. 

Open your mouth and show a shinier and brighter teeth today!

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